The Bible is the the living Word of God, delivered to spirit-filled men, used by God as vessels to transmit His spoken Word to humanity.
True believers are those who preach the gospel or good news within the New Testament of the Bible.

Atheists on the other hand, are people who disbelieve, or lack belief, and even go as far as to denigrate the existence of God by constantly discrediting the accuracy of the Bible.

Practising Christians are bound to the Bible and hence are called to act in defense of the faith. This is called “apologia”, stemming from Greek, as the Bible was first translated into Greek. The Greek translation has been known since antiquity as the “Septuagint”, from the Latin word septuaginta, meaning “70”.

Every generation since the resurrection of Jesus 30AD in circa, has had to face persecution or challenging questions. It is therefore the duty of a Christian to know the Bible in order to defend the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

This case for Jesus must be done in love, as JESUS IS LOVE!

See the definition of “Gospel” or “Apologetics” for more info, and watch the below video by Ken Ham, on the inerrable history of the Bible. Proving it to be the most reliable dating authority known to man!

Bible Meaning & infallibility YouTube play


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